As a traveler it is great to stay in one place a bit and explore. You can see many sights that you do not see at home!

Since Old Manali is a tourist area, but not too many westerners that I have seen. Did see my first snake charmer
I am sure he wanted me to stop and take a photo for some Rupee….

As I walked up the hill away from town, there were some amazing sights….

A more simple life for the people outside of town, hauling wood, and materials to their homes.

As I have said before it is mainly woman that I see hauling baskets of branches, hay, or grasses.

Basic homes in the hills.

And a temple at up the road from me. All kinds of stories that go with the Temple.

These homes have been here a very long time

Hauling work must have been done….


This lady was getting water for her cow.

Talking to it before directing it down the road again.

Some of the people around old Manali

Shop keeper

Nice Veg MoMo’s for lunch.

Knife sharpener….. Gave me a big smile after I shot this photo.

Tons of shops selling all kinds of wool goods.

Have enjoyed another day here. Organizing videos and getting ready to edit my videos. It takes a great deal of time to work on them!! But worth it in the end. I am all packed up and will depart in the morning to Dharmasala. will be great to be back on the road!!