We made it to the hostel. Halfway up Santa Cruz Street from Murillo. It is on the right. Not much marking…..

Had a great day getting some things done. Like Laundry in, BMW that had a set of rear brake pads,

We are right in the middle of many many market streets, from Fruits & vegs, Hardware, Plumbing, Cloths, Hiking gear etc.

I then went to the BMW dealer, to pick up new set of Brake pads.

They have only been open for two years, but Carlos Speaks english and was very helpful!

The place is called Andar Motors, it is primarily a car sales showroom but contains a motorcycle sales and workshop also. We had some repairs done there and where very happy with the results and price. Carlos Toro is workshop boss and speaks perfect english. They are at Calle 8, Obrajes La Paz, Bolivia. Ph +591 2 2783030.

and a famous little area….. “witches Market”

They sell Llama Fetis’s . When a new house is build that put one under it to bring good luck…..

While we were having lunch …. I big line formed outside ….. for the Natural Gas fill up.

Mike and Jill Engaging in some local Commerce. Jill drives a hard bargain.

Once back at the hostel, A shoe shine guy was there…… Good chance to get my boots cleaned up!

MoBill I paid 3 Bolivianos (.44 usd)

Mike had some bike Maintenance to do….. He found a new MT-60 for 580 BS or ($87 USD). He road over to get tire, change oil etc.

bike in the lobby!

Nice old building has the hostel…..