After a great experience in DC, and lots of work. Back on a plane with just over 2 weeks before I get on another plane and getting of in Delhi India to start 2 months of riding there.

Had a treat at the airport as we taxi’d to our runway. They had the Space Shuttle that will be bound for the Intrepid Air museum in NYC. For those that have followed this crazy chapter of my life, I was in Florida last July to watch the Final Space Shuttle Launch….. And I get to also see one up close at the airport. Very Very Cool!

What was cool is the pilot taxi’d up close

Life is not always as we have planned as we adventure through it. I have been very blessed in my life despite myself. Sometimes things happen for a reason that at the time you do not fully understand. This is why my faith is so important. Faith is not blindly accepting something, for me it is following God in the path he has prepared for me. In Washington DC I had some amazing things happen while Advocating to End Alzheimer’s Disease. It is not totally clear how this will go, but is worth me mentioning as I move into the new part of my Adventure going to India!

I will be heading back to PDX on Monday …. Will then be 15 days from departure. I have lots to get done in a short time. Will be packing up and getting ready to go! Will post more on my packing and decisions as I get ready. Hang on …….. Here we go India