As I rolled back in to Los Angeles, I found my way to Scubalongs Home. He captured me upon arrival!!

Was great to pull into Long’s Garage and park next to his other Motorcycles

Had a wonderful meal at one of their local restaurants!

Was so great to meet Long and Monique, and they shared some of their Vietnamese, Culture, food and Hospitality!

:gd Food was yummy, and talk of riding in Vietnam and SE Asia was great also…… Hummmm

Then a tour around Little Siagon. Long seems to look to serious….He is so tall

Worth a jump…. Night Jump!

Standing Next to the statues of Wisdom and Luck? I think!

Once again, I had a great afternoon, evening and morning talking with Long and Monique. What a Pleasure! But then it was time to get back on the road, and ride up to Venice to meet up with Jibby, before riding up PCH.

More great people in the ADV community!! Fantastic!

The weather in cold up north as a winter cold streak comes in….. Still working my way north but trying to avoid the rains : (I know, I am going north at the worst possible time… But will be back in PNW for Christmas).

5 Solid lanes of traffic…… as I work my way north…. Welcome to LA

But the sun is shining and I am enjoying the ride

and a Lovely post on Adv rider from Long.

“Great meeting you Mark

Monique and I really enjoy your company and your travel adventure story. Will keep in touch and remember you have a home in OC

Merry Christmas

Long & Monique”