This is a post that Young James Made on Thursday night……

Ok I shall be the one to brake the news…. brace yourselves…

Mark has been a little under the weather last 2 days. I was feeling a bit crap yesterday morning but after a couple of drugs(legal kind) & about 2-3 thousand milligrams of Vitamin C I was grand again. Mark on the other hand…. not so much. At about 6pm I was called aways from my editing by a concerning voice… mark was shivering cold, crazy bloodshot eyes and having trouble breathing…

This was not good… could be nothing, could altitude sickness or could be a heart attack…. in my best motherly/wife-like tone I Said we are going for a ride(in a taxi)

Mark being helped into the hospital by Hector and staff

Checking his vitals

What’s up Doc

A couple of worried mothers

I am sure he will be fine…

I need a priest….

More To Follow Soon….

and I combined his next update post into this one…..

Radioman Rides a Gurney Pt 2

Hi All

Ok so here is the full update on last nights escapades

Just Made it Down the stairs

Mark looking whiter than normal… taxi pls

Yes i agree you do look like shit

Hector keeps his distance in the taxi…. it was only 8 blocks and somehow the taxi driver took 20mins & 3 wrong turns. Dumbass

Helped into emergencia by Hector & Staff

Nurses check his vitals

Heart rate normal….. oxygen level normal…. not altitude sickness

This is the Doc … to figure out whats wrong

Say ahhhhhhh

I like what i’m feeling here


Doctor says he has a fever of 102F and a throat infection

this was to bring the fever down

we have to wait 1 hour for the shot to subside the fever

Antibiotics for the infection from the lovely nurse Susana…. Mark requests a sponge bath please!!

doctor gives the all ok to leave… and prescribes a bunch of drugs for a couple of days

Ok then How much will all that be then…..$46 ….

One of the prescribed pills….. i think that goes in your mouth Mark…. nuff said

and discharged with a bag of drugs and a smile..