The company that I was working for is called PowerMax and they are a great Apple computer reseller! Since we are based in Oregon, they have had “Max” the sasquatch as their “mascot”. I decided to bring him along with me ….. Because one of the other sales Reps said, wouldn’t it be cool if customers sent in photos of Max from where they are. So here you go Maiya!

Riding out of PowerMax worldwide headquarters… to explore the world













Not sure where Max will be seen or situations he will get himself into!!

Still some places in the US he needs to visit!

We ride down to see the new waterslide in McMinville Evergreen Aviation Museum. That 747 is the start of the waterslides 🙂

Day 1…. A ride down the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Cape Blanco lighthouse.


And across the USA.


MAX finds some possible relatives…..


And the most southernly point in the US.

North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway

Washington DC


saying Hello to the competition 🙂

New Jersey. Princeton and his friend Einstein

WOW Max rides to the top of Mt Washington.

South Dakota

Max get sucked into stopping at Wall Drug and the Corn Palace in SD

and Mount Rushmore



Max rides all the way to NewFoundland to get as far east in NA as he can

Awesome National Park in NewFoundland.

and to check out the icebergs too!

Then over to Labrador

Then back across Canada

Riding into Mexico. He was warned how dangerous Mexico is….

The bottom of Copper Canyon, MX Google it.

Beaches of Playa de Carmen. Yucatan, MX still enjoying Mexico

Riding into Belize

Riding into Guatemala!

And into El Salvador

And into Honduras

And into Nicaragua