So had another great day yesterday and just a couple more days in Dehli before riding north into the mountains. Looking forward to the mountains and the cool weather ahead at Altitude. It has been 40 Degrees C (110 F) during the days, so we have mostly been inside.

Chanderjeets Family spends great time at home with little Ida Sofia. She is learning English, Hindi and some Punjabi.

Learning tools Look familiar…. But with Hindi, there are many characters to remember and learn.

I can put the shapes in…. But have no idea how to pronounce each one. Feeling very language challenged!

Eating lots of great family style meals with CJ and Rica. They have been very generous hosts. I am so thankful to have the time to spend with them, and their family getting a real picture of how a “average” family in India lives!!
Just trying to soak it all in.

Then a ride through Dehli on our shopping trip. (remember is is 40 Degree C)

The out of town buss is packed and people are sitting on the roof.

So glad to seeing India!

So we visited a Mall so Rica could do some shopping and I picked up a pair of tennis shoes as I will have room on the bike and will need them for exploring around instead of my riding boots! The Malls are huge. Remember there is 20 Million + in Dehli area, and 1.2 Billion (yup, B as in Billion in India)

Yesterday we were able to take a Tuk Tuk down to pick up the bikes. It was an experience in the tuk tuk, riding through town, with a Back pack full of cash for the moto deposit and rental money!

The law in India is that the Male riders need to wear helmets, except the Sikh’s who wear turbans. CJ told me they just changed the laws that all the Women did not have to wear helmets. Woman mostly ride side saddle as well. and ATGATT means Sandals, and light wieght clothing

Lots of different traffic on the roads….

With the British influence, there is a combination of Hindi and English everywhere. I cannot begin to try to pronounce Hindi ……on the signs.

Get to the shop, they have the bikes ready. Had them mount my powered GPS mount. CJ sitting on a classic Enfield

Here is the small shop we rented with. CJ knows them well, and they have his other bike for sale in their shop. This shop has been around for 60 years or so, Would never have found it or been able to work out a rental deal without Chanderjeet helping! Thank CJ The rentals worked out to about $22 / Day for the bikes they added travel racks, and also third party insurance in case of accident. We also had to put down a 40,000 Rupee deposit. at current rates…about $740 that we will get back upon return. We would have to pay for any damage to the bikes. FYI

Finalizing the deal…..

They young man in the green and black shirt does all the work under the instruction of Sunil the owner.

As we ride off for my second ride through Dehli, CJ is riding one bike and me the other. His bike is running out of gas So we circle back through a narrow Alley and the shop has someone show up with a small jug of gas to get us down the road. We stop for fuel, and it takes about 1,750 Rupees ($32 USD it is 52-54 Rupees to one USD) to fill the two bikes.

Staying with CJ

We took drive to another Mall as Mrs Chanderjeet needed to do some more shopping and meet up with her sister. In the car, I missed getting a photo of two guys on a bike one was holding a windshield on his lap vertically Hope I see it again. I am always amazed what things get carried on a small Moto!

India is huge. We passed the Largest Marble shopping in all of Asia, Then the furniture district, largest in all of Asia.

cool twilight sky…..

We met up with Richa’s Sister and Husband and had a great “southern Indian” meal !! Yummmy! I do not know all the names yet…. So I am trying everything. This was all delicious. Will get more photos from the road food!