A day to repack gear, then take a short ride around the city. Started at Bondi Beach.

Who can resist beautiful water and beaches? As i took my first photos, I met Pat who was also taking a photo. Really nice Guy from South Africa and now is married to an Australian raising their kids in OZ. We had a great conversation on the side of the road!! Pat

Parked the bike for a walk along the water.

It was mid-week so the beach was empty. I am sure the weekends are crazy busy!

Nice to just sit and enjoy.

Then a ride down to the South Heads for another look with better weather

The Heads are the entrance to Sydney Harbor. Great to watch the boats sail right in.

There is a walkway along the coast that is very cool!

Looking back toward the city.

I stopped for some Fish Tacos at the Watson Bay.

Lots of restaurants use these beepers to let you know your food is ready. No waitresses, just order food and drink at the bar. Luck 13

Then A group of Blokes start up a conversation as they see my bike. They are riders and are interested in the trip! They had me join there family birthday party! Invited me to their Restaurant called Tommy’s in Glebe!

thanks Guys! They were originally from the Czech Republic but made new lives here! Hope to see them again!

Then a quick photo near the Opera House.