Mendoza to Santiago, Chile

Riding out of Mendoza and heading over the Andes to Santiago Chile. Time for another Bike service, new chain and sprocket set.

Heading a bit south and then west ……. Plains

Then up a valley toward Upsallata

Just took some photos while riding. Hard to capture how small one feels as they ride through this valley and then mountain pass.

Not much traffic, just some trucks and some buses…. So it was an awesome morning ride.

Huge valley with some snow covered Andes ahead. Air is fresh and cool. Just enjoying the ride a great deal this am. Heading for the Border with Chile.

abandoned rail lines and rocky mountains …

Near the top you enter a long tunnel that goes from Argentina into Chile.

As you come out. The welcome sign for Chile!! The Border is a bit further down the hill (was a bit confusing as I passed an Argentina Aduana down the hill on the Argentina side. I stopped and asked and they waved me on up the road…. You just never know what to expect not having ridden there before. Figured I could always ride back if I needed to check out….

Then I ride up to the Frontera (border) Max needs another photo. You ride right into the building and park your bike near all the cars. Chile has very strict regulations on bring food, vegetables, etc so they are supposed to check closely.

But what I loved was there is a huge sign telling you what things you need to do and what order

The border crossing took just one hour! Welcome to Chile!!

Then the treat of my morning “commute” 28 switchbacks heading down the mountain. Did not stop and take the photo as the curves were calling!!

Coming into Santiago you see it is a huge city….

I had been emailing with an ADV guy living in Santiago, who lived near BMW and KTM shops. He has generously offered me a place to stay, and I will easily be able to get my bike serviced, and purchase a new sprocket from KTM (I have a rear KTM cast hub on my Woodys Wheel works rims!).

I find his house, then backtrack to the brand new KTM Superstore to buy my sprocket.

This shop just opened less than two weeks ago. It is spotless, and had a great chat with a man in the parking lot about my ride!!

Then onto the BMW service center which is not located a the BMW motored but down the road a ways. Met Paulo who is the service guy. He took all my information and said that it would be ready late the next day!!

Tons of big bikes in for service!

Was good to be getting the bike ready for the last leg of the journey to Ushuaia. Martyn and I stayed up talking about riding, life, travel and routes as I ride south! ADV community is amazing for sure!! Rested well and had a day off while my bike was being worked on!!