Still Here

Haver decided to stay a few more days……. To relaxing and having a good time.

Had some errand to run this am. There was a formal event in the town square. Lots of police and weapons to protect whoever was speaking at the event.

The square was surrounded by local police who were every 20 feet all around the square. Each one had serious weapons with them. Just not really used to this, but they are just doing there job.

Then another day “working” ……. or being on the beach.

or as the bartender Averboro told me….. ” this is my office”

Sam enjoying the beach!!

As we were sitting on the beach, met a gal from Seattle of all places. Olga has an interesting story as she immigrated from Russia to the US. We shared books we are reading and had a great conversation. Olga. Have a great vacation in Playa.

Sam was feeling the Vibe of the beach. The beach club now knows us

Actually we did not wait for Happy Hour

Not too bad of a motorcycle ride

Stayed until the sun started going over the palm trees!! had to walk and pick up my Laundry. Washed everything for about $2.75 USD and I did not have to do anything

A parade of people on the beach selling junk, offering massages, music etc… NO Gracias