Another great day to ride in Mexico! We were both exicted about heading inland, up in Altitude and down in Humidity

We took Hwy 131 heading north. The first 30 miles was mixed two lane with some rough patches in the small villages, then the roads got better heading up into the mountains. We are really liking the State of Oaxaca!! People have been great, the town are a bit neater and the food has been great!

Our bike were secure in there parking lot!!

Up early to make the 150 Mile ride north.

Sam making his mark on David’s weestrom

The rooms had cool paintings around the door frames that I really liked.

The hotel/hostel had a nice communal cooking area.

Back on the road again. First little town had some Tuk Tuk’s

Great to be back in the mountains!!!

Riding up into the clouds!!

But we are loving the cooler temp! Wahooo! not pouring sweat as we ride

Blue skies ahead!

Up one side, then down the other. Nice twisty roads, with occasional large potholes, Donkeys or other obstacles

Nice views ahead!!

We see people walking out in what appears to be nowhere….

Some local riders stop to chat … Spanish only. Then they were off!

More Tuk Tuks

Another large entrance sign for this town.

Rolling down the road just another 30 miles to Oaxaca… feeling good!

And we run into Lars and Harietta who are doing Alaska to Ushaia TDF. We had skyped last night and planned to meet up on the Hwy131. They got up late and we though we might have missed them. Great time meeting them and stopping for some Pollo with Mole (since Oaxaca is know for it’s Mole Sauces!!)

Great change to share traveling notes and experiences. I might meet up with them further down in South America…..

We rolled into Ciudad Oaxaca about 3:30 PM. In time to find our hotel, go out for a great dinner and walk around town!

Bikes parked in the secure parking lot!

Sam digging into the “Pezole” soup.

Oaxaca is a really cool city. I will be here a week and looking forward to language school and hanging out in the city!

walked to the school I will be attending (and I can have my teeth cleaned ) and made friends with the Coffee Barista right next door!! Real coffee for the next week!!

Bought a new shirt for the city

Really cool town.

This is where we are staying just a few blocks from the Zocalo> sweet location. really friendly staff!

Calling it a night!