Oaxaca is a great city to experience Mexico. Have met some great people through the school and it has made my stay great!!

I have parked my bike and walked in the city everywhere.

On Sunday I met one of the other spanish students who is from the UK. Sara is traveling Mexico and Central america for 5 months between her Studies and work. We planned to go out to see Hueve de Aqua, or the petrified waterfall. I knew it was about an hour by bus then a transfer to a “jeep” to get there.

I woke up with an upset stomach But decided to persevere …. This is the view after 1 hour on a city bus and then 45 minutes in the back of a Pick up with benches…. on a rough dirt road up the mountains and down the mountains. Did I tell you that I was not feeling great

But the waterfall was interesting.

Great vista…

I was feeling really tired….. But glad I made the trip. Fortunately we met some other traveling young people that Sara could hang out with while I took a nap in the shade.

The “girls” all took a swim in the cold water pools and had a great time. Of course I slept through it!

Interesting history of this place.

My shady place for a nap.

Then we jammed into the pick up and headed down. This time there was 16 people in the small pick up. Wow.

We could not wait to get this part of the trip over with.

I got back to my homestay, told Sinora Aurora that I was not feeling well and need to go to sleep. She turned on the water heater so I could take a hot shower!

She has a big parking area and my bike has been right underneath my place the whole week. Note the laundry area to the left.

And this is Sinora Aurora next to my bike. She did not speak any english but we were able to speak in spanish and get to know one another.

Monday (today) was my last 7 hours of spanish class. They gave me a diploma Cracked me up! I have learned a great deal but far from fluent. Looking forward to using my new vocabulary and sentences to communicate along the way!!