As I continue to wait

Spent the weekend relaxing, reading and reflecting. The waiting is hard as I am back “home” during this time, and really want to be back on the road. But as I have written before in the larger scope of things it is no big deal, and it could not have happened at a better time. So I balance the anxiousness to get on the road with the thankfulness that no one got hurt, and this is a minor setback.

Driving through Seattle which is where I grew up if full of good memories and had a great weather weekend. Including having Mount Rainier out!!

While passing through Seattle on my way back to Portland, I decided to stop at Touratech
“Kid in a candy store comes to mind” but trying to maintain finances means I am not going crazy.

After watching the “chitown” videos of the front end locking up with the front brake line catching the tire Decided to buy the Touratech raised Fender and brakeline kit, and the top of the world video about riding in India for my collection!

Getting ready to call Iron Horse BMW to check and make sure the new engine arrived, and it being installed
Hope that they have good news on this front. It is frustrating to be waiting and not have Concrete information on arrival of this “rush” shipment. But it appears that is just the way the industry works.

And then a fellow ADV rider in Tucson posts this comment

I stopped by Iron Horse today and guess what I saw……………………


Sitting right behind this was your bike on the rack being disassembled and prepped.

Better give Sam a call and pack your bags. The mechanic said it should be ready by Thursday. Hope you’re having a good day and see you soon. Gotta run pick Cathy up at the airport, but I thought you might like to see this. Skip

Hoping for really good news

My Reply……


very soon …….