Wednesday was a travel day back to Tucson. Like any big trip, the anticipation always there.

Stayed with my friends Wendy and Reed and had a great note from Reed as I did not see them before I left as I met with my Buddies, Dave, and Kris (Brad was out sick unfortunately) really early in the morning.

Then had coffee with the guys at Starbucks. (photo to be posted as soon as John emails it to me )

Murray took me to the airport and the Adventure feels like it is back on. I arrive in Phoenix and meet up with Sam at the airport. We grab a shuttle down to my brothers house.

Again the ADV community is there for us. Skip and Cathy invite us to stay at their home and have dinner as they are right near Iron Horse BMW. WOW just awesome!!

Cathy picked me and our gear up at my brothers, and took us back to their place, with a stop at the Bestbuy so that I could pick up a new Charger for my Mac (I left it up in Portland).

We did this the first night we arrived in Tucson 3 weeks ago. De je vu….. our gracious hosts

Skip cooked up a great meal again.

and we had a great evening conversing about riding, travel and life!

Thanks for everything!! ‘

Went to bed late…. but up early as my brain was thinking about my bike, getting all geared up and the details of getting into Mexico…

Got up early to repack some of my gear, catch up on email, and get ready.

Little did I know I would be greeted by “Ladybug” in the shower She was smiling

Excitement about getting my bike back. They are just waiting on one part that arrives this AM, then we will be on our way!

More later