The trip has been filled with meeting interesting people. These are the real gems of the trip!!

Hector, Matias and I had a great few days!! But as it is in this kind of Moto travel, we have different directions and schedules. We talked about this as solo travelers. You connect with others, have fun together but then when head back out on your own there is a little sense of loneliness and sadness of parting ways.

Matias and I headed out of Arequipa toward Jaliaca. Great ride in the high plains with volcanos in view.

Quietly riding along as we both fill with thoughts of the road ahead. Just 3.5 hours and we said Goodbye. Matias heading North and me south! Travel safe friend….. See you next year in the states!

One of Hectors Stickers………

Jaliaca is a small town but was very busy….

Lots of markets, people in all kinds of vehicles

Moto Shops!

A few toll stops, but Motos do not need to pay. Most of these toll boths do not say anything about mottos. But this one had a sign, and a gravel road to go around. Nice!

My first view of Lake Titicaca. The highest and largest lake in the world at over 13,000 feet.

I heard Puno was not much of a town, but did have the Uros People and there floating islands. So I knew it would be touristy….. But decided to go. 5 sole entrance fee, 10 Soles Boat trip, then 10 Soles on the reed boat.

Not really sure what to expect as we cruised out 20 minutes from town.

Then the double decker reed boats.

and a close look at a “floating Island”

We get off on one of the family Islands for the Presentation of there lives, then of course the Gifts for sale……

Yup. We are floating. The thick reeds are solid but spongy…. you can see the tie down rope in the water.

The little Tourist show explaining the life of the Uros. Then the sales pitch.

Cooking pots….

Then we all hopped about for a reed boat ride to the main island.

Looking down on the main island, as the sell their goods, and food.

Storm clouds on the horizon, with some good lightening. The captain said it would not rain until later…. He was right.

When I returned to the Presidente Hotel….. Had a knock on my door…… Mike and Jill had made it to town!

We planned to meet the next day to check out Visa’s for Bolivia and figure out what a riding plan would be. They were planning to go around the lake to the north but there was no border crossing so it would take some planning and work at the Bolivian Embassy.

I had another night that I did not sleep much. I can only think it is the Altitude somehow…

We met in the Am, saw the Bolivian Embassy, who was out of the necessary Stickers to give us Visa’s ……. New plans.

They stayed here. $30 Soles for a double bath down the hall. Looked like a nice place.

Back together riding again!!

Max (the Sasquatch) Likes their sticker

We rode south along the lake toward Bolivia. At the Junction for Copacabana or Desaguadero We flipped a coin, since we just did not care which way we headed into Bolivia….. Tails. Desaguadero it was.

Last looks at Lake Titicaca on the Peru side….

We roll into yet another border town. They are always a bit rough and not real appealing.

As we roll up to the Peruvian side of the “fronterra” we see the Police the point where we can stop. Off we get. Always easier with two bikes as we can watch the bikes while figuring out where to go to Immigration and Aduana.

The Immigration is on our left. And Aduana was on the right. What is so different from the Central America borders is that there is no “helpers” or money changers rushing you. Seems so calm and relaxed!

The check out of Immigration and Aduana takes about 20-30 Minutes. Easy. 1/2 way done!

You will also have to pay a 5 soles municipal tax before you leave.

Then Into Bolivia!

As we get across the bridge, the police point a place for us to park…. Just to the right side. The Offices for Immigration and Aduana are in the blue building in the center of the street.

Here we go again!! You then walk around to the left of the building for immigration. Go to Office 1 and show passport and get paperwork to fill out.

As US citizen you need to fill out the Visa paperwork with passport photo, copy of Passport and $135 USD (nice clean bills no tears or defects, they check them closely). Once paperwork is completed take them to Officina 2 where the guys will take your paperwork.

Mike has all their paperwork and $.

Once they sticker your passport, you walk just across the street for copies of two pages of new stamp and sticker in passport and return to the Immagration guys and then you are done!!

Aduna is back at the front of the building and clearly marked. You need Title with Plate number and Vin number, passport copy. He signed us off quickly.

Mike and Jill done with Immigration…..

**** Be sure to check the documents to make sure they got all your numbers correct!! (Matias did not when he entered and they had made typo errors. At exit they wanted him to go back to Entrance border or La Paz to have it corrected….. He offered $100 Bolivianos …… and they let him leave, but extra hassle you do not need!)

Done. Took 1.5 hours or so.

Border guards were interested and wanted to ask about the trip…. Had one Police guy make us sign a book then wanted some extra $. Mike said no.

*** As you start riding out to La Paz there is a police checkpoint that they asked to see documents and then wanted 5 Boliviano for Municipal tax ….

Finally on our way into Bolivia.

You notice subtle changes in the people, dress, and slightly poorer look and more trash…

Riding into LA Paz is a busy experience. The traffic starts about 15 miles from La Paz. GPS got is through the crazy t city Alto and then down the hill into La Paz. On our way in a truck bumped my rear pannier and we also saw 3 mini buses crash right next to us…. Very Hectic! For sure.

Mike and Jill in yet another exhaust of one of the buses!

Slight reprieve from traffic as we head down the hill into La Paz……..

Hostel. Lots of one way streets. We had a list of a few hostels, and settled on Blancito which you ride into the entrance and lobby of the Hostel, which once must have been a very nice hotel. We paid $40 Bilivianos a person for a room .

Rode in over the curb, through the lobby, and down a hallway to park the bikes.

La Paz has an interesting feel. Hectic and full of life. We are in an area of shops, of all kinds. Cool.