Was the culmination of the last 4 month of packing and preparing for this day. As I reflect on the day, there were many emotions just under the surface for me. I big mix of sadness, loss, excitement and starting on this unknown of this next big chapter.

Started out having coffee with the guys, and my Buddy John came to send me off. He was not able to join me on this part of the ride due to some family responsibilities which is the right choice. He brought his little dog “Louie”

I met up with some PDX advr that were heading to watch the Vintage Motocross races at PIR. Great to see Ladybug, Loud Al, Luke, Mortimersickle, No Po!! Hope you had a great day!

Then on the road!

Rode out along the Clackamas river toward Detroit Lakes

A great way to start the ride

Had a group of Farley rides to pass 🙂

The state of ORegon has some really interesting sights and geology. Volcanic flows

Heading east through Oregon

Very cool “rainbow” in the sky

Rolled into Lakeview, Oregon in the afternoon. This to get settle into a motel, so that I could spread out my gear and start reorganizing for the rest of the ride.

Getting a sunny’s ride in today was a good start. I know that there is lots of miles of road to ride, and lots of emotions to work through for me as I continue into this new Chapter. Today it was very clear to me as I had lots of helmet time to let it all sink in. Smiling along the way with recollections of times spent with Chris (my lovely wife who passed away in January). Miss her and our life together, but now I am moving on to life without her by my side. Faith, Hope and Courage. still words that will guide me.

On The Road Again