The history of these Mayan ruins dates back to 100BC.

It was interesting to here our guide tell us about the Red Queen, as she ruled before he son ruled the Maya City of Palenque. All these ruins were actually “painted bright red with Blues and greens in the time of the city. Like most rulers they used fear as the way to control the people. Human Sacrifices were one way to set the tone…..

The howler Monkeys were amazing as we explored the highest temples. They were load….think Lion roars…. Added to the experience in the jungle.

The stones were covered in stucco

These elephant Ears were huge plants…. needed a photo of this.

it had rained last night….

Jungle color

The main temple was huge, and had lots of amenities like these stone beds….

Just goofing around….

Just a great deal to take in and enjoy at Palenque

On our way out of the park….. a great path toward the Museum that was closed for a few days… Waterfalls…

cool path ways on the way out. A great way to spend the day!

After a day walking the ruins we headed back to our hotel. Look my Towel folded like a swan.

Since we have been in the southern part of Mexico the sights sort of compress, so you start running into people you have met before, as you are all seeing the main sights. We ran into the Two Austrian Brothers, Doulas, and Daniel. Hello Mates!! Hope your surf travels are going well. And also Our friend Douglas from the UK. Got to hang out have dinner and some beverages!

Then off to the next place for some music and fire dancers…..