The day after I left Auckland the rain began to fall

Arriving in Oregon for a nice Spring weather! Was at my house sorting some gear, getting ready for the events of the week, and was able to get out for a nice little ride on my other GS.

Started my 1150GSA, Took a ride over the Tigard BMW to pick up a few parts I needed for my 800GS. Cheaper here in the US

Had a great conversation with a few other clients! and enjoyed the ride home!

Of course I leased my house out, so I am “homeless” and staying at a friends home! It is interesting being home as I connect with some good friends.Everyone is living their “normal ” lives, busy with work, activities. The US news is full of the Boston tragedy, North Korea, US economy etc.

I am fortunate to be in the middle of this journey and wondering how I will reenter this familiar world that I have not been apart of for a long time.

Got a really nice email from one of the Alzheimer’s Auckland Charitable Trust staff about my public talk. Sounded like people enjoyed the presentation, and the experiences that I shared helped some that heard them. The is super gratifying!