Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Punta Del Este, Uruguay is a very upscale place, like South Beach, Malibu, or Carmel. Lots of very expensive Cars, People and food.

But there is also the other half. Maybe I need to hook up my GS and do some yardwork along the way

Glad there was no fire last night.

On our way north we stopped to say hello to Pablo where the party was last night… It was afternoon He said people were still dancing at 7am.

We are riding along the beaches.

We also stopped in Ignacio to take a photo of the restaurant that we had dinner in last night. It was very expensive, but very good. The name is La Huella

Right on the beach.

We ran into the owner and his scooter!

We stopped for a coffee and added another Radioman sticker to the window. Like most stops we had some great interactions with people. Mostly they ask about our trip, cost of bike, how fast it is. Same questions through South America. With limited spanish it is hard to ask them many questions.

A young couple on a small bike, off for the weekend. She was sitting atop a backpack on the seat behind…. Did not get a good photo of this.

As we road north, we just stayed on the coastal road. Boarded a small ferry. Packed us on that is.

Up some sandy gravel roads. was great to be riding this area!

Claude was excited!!

We stopped in a small town called La Pedrera, and it was really crowded and we were looking for a cabana on the beach So we went up the road 4-5 KM, down a dirt road to look for a place to stay.

Would be a bit nasty if it had been raining.

Came across a couple guys in a nice old Mercedes who live there, and asked about a place to stay. They are from Buenos Aires and have property. He called a friend and they rented us there small house!!

Had a great little deck that we sat out and enjoyed the view!

Just a few extra shots ….. It was a great place to hang out in the afternoon!

Yep, smelling the flowers for sure!

The house in front was also a “restaurant” they had this sign.

Bikes all put away for the night

Enjoying the evening as the sun went down.

Thinking this is the dogs life.

It is great to hang up your gear at the end of a great day and relax!!

Very good day indeed.

As we were chuckling about the “restaurant” below the house in front of us, Claude make the observation that this is a very wealthy and exclusive area. They were very surprised we showed up…. Like how did we find it? The first guy we met, rides an F800GS, which is up in Alaska and waiting for him to take it to Russian later this year, the owner of the house we were in has a 1200GS….. That takes a lot of money down here. Anyway, Claude says, I bet the food will be great….. Think about it.

It was great for sure. One of the guys owns a winery …. brought some wine. Great evening !