It has been great staying in Queenstown for a short break, and time to explore some of the local sights!!

Having such a great view of the Remarkables, and also seeing the switchback road going up the back side of the mountains ……. Made it a place to say…. I want to ride up there!

It is a 13 Km gravel road that climbs up to the ski area.

As you climb up you get a nice view of Queenstown.

Right up the marbly gravel road to the ski area.

At the parking lot I parked and then took a hike up to the top of the Ski area, then up to Lake Alta.

It is on the east side of the Remarkables.

While talking to some younger hikers from the UK and Australia, 3 people walk up and one of the ladies says; “your Radioman” …… And of course I do not know her, but she saw my bike in the carpark, and called Diana to ask if it was their motorbike….. Connections!

Ann and her two other friends Don and Donna from the US, and I hiked up to the top of the ridge to look back on Queenstown. It was a steep uphill with big rocks !

This is where I climbed to looking from Queenstown.

Long way up!

Looking back down to Queenstown.

Lots of scrub and rocks to hike down to the carpark

Then I road down the hill back to Queenstown.

Had a bit of lunch in Queenstown and chatted with some travelers that rented Bikes in NZ and were riding about. Normal questions about how I could aford to do this kind of trip Choices is what I tell everyone. I could be home working, putting money in a 401K and hoping to make it to retirement, or I can be out doing it now!! Of course I am fortunate to have had the option, ultimately I had to decided what my life would look like in the chapter.

In queenstown there are plenty of tourists from all over the world doing the adventure outdoor things of NZ, tramping, bunny, jet boats, eating and drinking etc. The coal powered ship TSS Earnslaw is a big attraction for a cruise on the lake.

Nice little beach for people to enjoy!

Here is the Earnslaw chugging up the lake

Sunday I had the first really rainy day since Ushaia…. So it was time to catch up with Arnout again as he was back in town. Met up for a great lunch and then coffee!

Then I had to get Arnout on my bike o inspire him to travel differently

Said goodbye to Arnout for now, as his travels are taking him north then onto SE Asia. But I might see him down the road somewhere!

In most of the KIWI homes I have been into, they take off their shoes. Just something I have never done at home.

While up hiking on the Remarkables, I met Ann and her friends. She invited me to join Dick and Diana at there place for dinner Sunday night! How wonderful!! Had a great evening with Ann and Joe, Barbara and Dick and Diana!

The generosity and friendship of meeting people on the road has been amazing!

Including Ann’s hard work to make a Blueberry pie especially for me!!

I got two pieces!!

Then the next morning, Dick and Diana invited Mike and Denise for Breakfast. The own and operate a motorcycle tour company out of Australia taking riders all over the world!! Was really wonderful to meet passionate motorcyclist!! I am can their tours would really be great!

Check out their web site: http://www.ferriswheels.com.au

Lovely People, Mike and Denise with a great story of meeting, riding motorbikes and touring people for the last 18 years! Too bad we did not have more time together!

Here’s Mike hamming it up around my world motorcyclist always come home to their Hubbards Cereals!

What a wonderful time I have had here in Queenstown. The special connection to Dick and Diana has really been an extraordinary blessing to my trip and my life. Today I will be riding on toward the Fjordlands and saying “goodbye” but it really is only until we see each other again in person! Once again the journey has been filled with the beauty of meeting people and sharing this life together!