Radioman Returns…….

Sorry for the delay, but I had some computer issues and was backing things up and had to wait for that to get settled….

As Rob posted, I stopped in Lincoln City to meet up with him, and just slow the final days down. Just 83 miles from my house, it was great for the pause.

Had a relaxing time chatting with Rob, and sharing a few stories. Sunday Morning was the final ride to my home. I did not make a plan further in advance than a few days because the weather was a concern, and frankly I was not wanting to rush just to make it at a certain time…..

Some friends that were there to see me off, wanted to complete the process, so just a couple days ahead, I told them that I would arrive Sunday Afternoon…. Now a schedule was set. Had a couple riders wanting to ride the final part with me, but due to winter weather, short notice etc…. it was not a “big” event. Which is was really fine with me as I was not sure how all the emotions and thoughts would be for me.

Riding the last 50 Miles. Rob got a couple photos.

Had a chuckle at the place he took this….. Check the sign….

He was caging it behind me!

Rolled into McMinnville, Oregon to have a spot of lunch and had MortimerSickle, Mista Vern, Blue Hwy, (and ? forgot the screen name (sorry ).

After a nice meal….. We had a nice “spirited” ride on the Wilsonville River road Was fun being on a familiar road riding toward home….

Then hit a little traffic on I-5 due to an accident…. So was a few minutes late to meet up at Starbucks But was great to have friends show up at this point of the journey!! And was receiving emails from friends round the world. Was amazing! Words sort of fail me at this point.

Then one more Mile to my house! (still have renters in the house for couple more weeks, so I had to head over to some good friends for the night)

and then Ken snapped a Final Jump photo of the trip! Amazing to have made it all the way around and back home. Feeling great!!

*** Still gathering my thoughts about the final days of the ride, and will have a bit bigger recap post that will take me some more time to put together. Stay tuned for all this over the next couple of weeks, and some photos and reflections as I move back into my house (Jan 1st) ******

I am so grateful for the supportive participation, so many people that have hosted, ridden with me, shared meals and stories along the entire journey. Thank You !!!

On my way headed north to Whidbey Island for the holidays. Will “Cage it” as I have things to haul and deal with while up in Seattle Area.