Running with the sun!

From Dunedin I rode north. Always choices on the way, as I wanted to go back into the mountains, but with my fuel pump issues, decided to play it safe and get to Christchurch. Pull the fuel pump, check the filter and see if that was it, and know there is a dealer if I have any issues.

Was 250Km ride. Nice sunny day! and passed the 45 degree South Altitude

As I rode into Christchurch…. This sign caught my eye. A communist who used Violence in South America to secure Fidel as leader of cuba is now selling Hamburgers in Christchurch.

I ended up staying at the Jailhouse sort of Appropriate after yesterday

Then Met up with Arnout again! Had a nice dinner in Christchurch as we shared more travel stories. He is flying to Asia later this week, and I am continuing onto Australia….. Who knows where we might meet again!

Safe Travels my Friend!

And we walked around Christchurch. Amazing two years after the 7.1 Earthquake that a huge part of downtown is still the fenced off “red Zone” where 80% of the major building have to come down. Huge Huge amount of work. Sad to walk through and see so much work to do.

So much area all sealed off as they continue to tear down and rebuild.

And a shopping and eating area all set up with Containers.

Using containers to shore up old facades

Old and new condemned

This art represents the 185 people who lost there lives that fateful day.

Poem on loss and grief

Adios Arnout …. Until we meet again!

….. Ride Arthurs pass tomorrow. Then continuing back north to catch a ferry back to the north island. Time is going too fast ….