So with more than a little anxiety because of my biked overstayed status….. I left Quenca early and road south west toward the border crossing at Huanquillas. It was a 3 hour ride to the border.

And As Pete from Berkeley said, it is a beautiful ride through the lush mountains of Ecuador as you ride south.

Great ride…..

Then everything turns brown…..

Then into the coastal plains, lots of Banana fields ready to harvest

But in my mind, I still have the stress and strain of the border cross……

The last town in Ecuador, and another large sign post.

Max is about to enter into Peru.

Rolling up to the Peru border and just passed by the Ecuadorian Aduana office that was 3KM before the actual border.

Parked my Bike at Peru Aduana, then we need to walk down to the Immigration. Police watch your bike which is great. They were friendly and helpful. You need to walk past Aduana to Imagration which they will tell you is in building with White roof.

After so many central american border crossing this border is amazing! You walk into Immigration and there is the Ecuador Exit counter and right next to it is the Peru Entrance counter Awesome!! You need to fill out paperwork before getting to the Ecuador Exit and Also paperwork for Peru Entrance before going to Person at counter.

Then walk across by restaurant and make a copy of your entrance stamp for Peru. Then back to Aduana, need Bike registration, Passport Copy, License copy. Took awhile but they were friendly.

Right next to the Peru Aduana desk is the Soat Insurance desk. $35 USD for one month coverage. DONE!!

I’m Officially into Peru, and excited that none of my “worst fears about border crossing” happened. Rode down to Mancora the touristy Beach town.

The towns are different in Peru, lots of the motorTaxi’s

Pacific Ocean on my Right. Smell of Ocean air!

Lots of flat open road, with ocean views.

Had one major Aduana stop that they asked for my paperwork. Then the guys wanted to get into the photo! Peruvians are more outgoing than the Ecuadorians so far! (Loved Ecuadorians, they were just more reserved)

Made it to Mancora at about 3:30 PM….. Traveling on my own, I am not interested staying at the hostels, as I am “an old guy” so I had looked into some other places…… With the concern about the border crossing I had a few restless nights and needed to have a place that I could rest. Picked a place out of Lonely planet, emailed about parking and saw that it was 3KM outside town on the beach and was $45 (I assumed Soles ) but after I checked in and had a few conversation…. it was $45 USD a night Oh well a splurge is good somedays (if I was in the US or canada I would say it was a huge bargain!!

Huge Room with a view, private bath, desk overlooking the Pacific Ocean and several pools to choose from.

Not a bad place to hang out and relax!

The staff guys getting some photos with the bike

My room is second story to the right. Crashing waves all night long!!

Starting over with new beers to choose from….

Expensive but worth it to relax and enjoy for a day or two.

Enjoyed a swim, and hanging out at the pool!

And a great sunset. Welcome to Peru!!