Had a great room at El Patio Hostel. My own outdoor seating area, and large comfortable bed!

Tuesday Am was up early with my paperwork filled out online for my Brazil visa. Walked the 14 blocks to the Embassy so I would be there when they opened.

I speak to a man at the counter, hand over my passport, Printed application from online and think I am ready to go. NOT.

He tells me I need a couple of my credit card as well. which I did not bring with me. So back I go to get the CC and make a copy. Thinking this will get my application into the process. no problem.

He also gives me the bank slip that I need to pay $160 USD as part of the visa process. Yikes. I am sure the US must do this to Brazil visitors as well. So I stop at their bank and deposit the $ as well and bring the full receipt. OK ready again to get it turned in.

I get back and a different guy is at the counter He takes all my paperwork, asks me to wait, then goes in the back. He waves me back up, and then says I need 3 months of Bank statements to go with my application what why did the other guy not tell me……. Smile and head back to my computer to get the paperwork for bank statement, and then printed them out……. Back to Embassy for third time in less than 3 hours…… smiling after 90 blocks of walking

Ok third time has to be a charm.

OK Brazil Visa turned in…… Have a few other items to get done while I am in a big city. Lima has lots of American restaurants and businesses. Always strange. two doors down from my hostel….

I change Hostels to the Flying Dog Hostel that is right on the square as mine did not have the room available for my time in Lima. So I moved. it was cheaper also. 81 Soles per night ($31.76 USD) it is right on Parque Kennedy so it is easy to just walk out and have stuff all around to do.

Miraflores is a really nice area of Lima.

Thanks to ADV I met up with GordoJordo and his girlfriend Anne. We took a bus around Miraflores to get a little look at the city. Was fun meeting up with them and hearing their stories as they have been in Paraguay for a couple years in the peace corp, and then bought a KLR and are traveling for 6-8 months before returning to the PNW!

Inca ruins right in the city

And a few other buildings in town that are interesting!

Then the bus took us down to look near the ocean and large parks along the ocean as well as a coast road that reminds me of the PCH in California.

Parque Del Amore

and the coastline. The weather is cloudy here …. 60’s like PNW 🙂

Had to go to dinner and have Cerviche

and scallops with Parmesan cheese. Yummy!

I am always draw to different aspects of the countries and places that I visit. In Lima many stop lights and crossing lights have timers on them….

Now I am just waiting in Lima for my Brail visa, and Bike to be completed with Maintenance. But getting some things done for down the line in my trip. Place arranged for Cusco, research on Antartica boats and deals, some other issues as well. Always lots of things to work out ahead of time ……