Thanks for following along. The ride has come to a riding halt, but BMW is going to get it all fixed up under Warranty. and this was confirmed today that all the necessary paperwork was signed off in record time.

They have gotten all Warranty work approved, and the parts will be on there way. Hopefully back on the road next week.
Iron Horse BMW has been great about getting the issue diagnosed, engine pulled apart and through the process. (always slower for the consumer who is waiting, but I am thankful they are working to get it resolved as soon as possible).

In the mean time, we took a couple days off to rest up, read lots of great threads on Latin America and riding south. We stocked up on supplies and are cooking our own meals.

Lunch on Thursday.

Then Sam got chef duty on Thursday night as we save some money by cooking ourselves. Chili Mac.

Then a great breakfast Friday am.

Of course Bacon

So this engine issue has slowed us down to a crawl. We are making the most of the time together, and fortunately we are at my brothers house in Tucson. We have done some of the touristy stuff, and have another week to kill while all the repairs are completed.

It is a test of patience as we would much rather be riding through Mexico by now. But with all my life experiences, I have learned that I cannot get too upset about things like this. It broke, it will get fixed and we will get on the way.

No one got hurt or died, so really it is no big deal. Being grateful and thankful for the having warranty, ADV friends (Skip and Cathy) loaning me a motorcycle so that I could get around. Lots to be thankful for!!

Will not have too much to post in the week or so until we get a departure date! In the mean time we will try to stay busy in very hot Tucson 95 + today