Tuesday Morning. Started again with Blue skies and sunshine!! Walcha is up in the mountains so the it’s a cool morning and we planned a ride on a great road up to Grafton (another ride in the top 100 motorcycle roads book).

HyperPete rolls out his spotless KTM 690 Duke

We ride west to Armidale before turning toward Grafton.

Had to stop for a “cattle drive” in the country here

I love riding in these kinds of country roads!

In Armidale there is a statue of a “field Ranger” not sure the history is great but need to read up on it!

As we ride the twisty roads through the mountains we have some misty fog. Still beautiful!

Stop for a look at one of the many waterfalls. As Timmer said on FB, at first glance I thought your bike was in the waterfall.

We stop off at the Nymbodia Pub. Lots of Russell Crowe memorabilia on the walls. Somehow he is connected to this area and the Museum.

at Grafton we turned back west and road to Glen Enes where we parted company. I headed north then east and HyperPete turned south. Some really great twisty roads!!

Thanks Pete for taking time to have me stay and ride the day with me !
Cheers (PS: you can now tell your coworkers that I am not a “serial Killer” )

640KM riding day. Not all of us who wander are lost 🙂

Yesterday I rode from Casino up to Murwillumbah and then back down to Byron Bay. Was clear until I reached Byron bay. Lots of people there due to school Holidays.

But I rode there to see this.

Got the photo …. Too grey and misty to do a big jump. Will save that for later….

And the lighthouse at Byron Bay.

Then I turned the bike north to head to Coolangata. And into another Australian State. Hello Queensland.

Rolled into Coolangata on the Gold coast.

Stopped at the Drift coffee shop. Had a nice chat with a local woman named Kelly. Asked about places to stay and she was helpful and friendly.

As I arrived and found a hotel, the bike drew some attention. One guy asked if his kids could get a photo with the bike….. I did better, they can sit on it. It was a fun interaction with a very nice family!

Took a walk to check out the surfers.

Lots of surfing men and women.

As I sat at the local “surf Club” deck and had a drink and watched the world go by. Met a couple school teachers who were just about to head home from Holidays.

In the little bay nearby someone had a sense of Humor, and painted a big rock green with frog legs….

The gold coast is all built up. High rise hotels …. Had a little deck to watch the road, as I was expecting my friends to arrive any time now.

And sure enough, I heard them pull up to the hotel. Dick and Diana Hubbard have arrived

They are here doing a tour about, and of course we had arranged to meet up along the way. So nice to see them. We had a great evening at the other local surf club that had “shank and Jazz” night. So we enjoyed both!