Had an amazing evening and the full moon was bright and shiningNext morning we continued up the road. Made a stop at a tiny fishing village. Bike attracted attention

It is great to share this trip with so many stranger…. Young and old they love to look at the bikes, the stickers and the places we have ridden.

Some are very special. This is Danielle and her some Salvador. She is staying here for the summer, and was eager to show us around the village.

Loved this guy sitting out on the dock fishing

Lots of little fishing boats in various states of repair. They get shrimp and crab here.

“rustic” building with palm trees growing out of them

Then we cross the border into Brazil!

Love the south America Borders. Immigration then Aduana

We head to a little town called Hermenegido, Brazil. A small beach town just 20 Km from the border. We are a bit tired from the last few late nights out. But welcome to Brazil!~