Started my day in Wellington enjoying a cup of coffee with Ken and Shirley! Great start!

Then Ken showed me out to Motomart BMW so that Gareth could look at the bike and figure out the noise. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead, so i could not get any photos.

Arrived at 9am. Gareth the service Manager was great!! They got the bike right into a mechanic and decided that I really needed a new chain, and sprockets. so they jumped on finding the parts and getting me back on the road.

Was back on the road, and all the noise was gone. Relief to not be thinking it was something worse!

Thanks Gareth and Robert for getting me in and out quickly before a holiday weekend! would certainly recommend these guys!


Then the rest of the afternoon checking out New Zealand Politics! Took a tour of Parliament buildings including the Executive Building nicknamed the “beehive”

and the Parliamentary Library

Then was in the Gallery to watch the afternoon questions of the House of Representatives. Which was an interesting experience to see the questions and the answering….

The evening was spent with Ken and Shirley’s family. which was a wonderful experience! Thanks for the wonderful time in Wellington!!

Good Friday is today, so I will ride north and east to see the area and also head around the East Cape tomorrow! Should be good riding and sights along the way!