We packed up, and headed out of Zipolite the great little beach town. Rode about 240 miles to Arriagua enroute to San Cristobal de Las Casa.

Great sunrises…..

Bikes parked right near our room.

Shambala is a meditation retreat. Has a great look out over the ocean. really cool.

Samuel looking out his window.

Breakfast from the patio before we ride!!

I think this picture was of the Topes (speed Bumps) that are all over Mexico many in EVERY town. The street vendors use them as a place to sell there wares.

We jumped on a short “Cuota” or toll road, to make some miles toward San Cristobal.

A section of road had lots of Windmills….. Just like eastern Oregon. Generating power from the high wind areas.

Lot of wide open road today.

Leaving another state in Mexico (Oaxaca) and heading into Chiapas.

We stopped at a roadside Hotel in Arriagua. With AC and a decent WIFI connection. Had a small pool which felt great after riding in the heat.