So when I returned home, as you can imagine there was a stack of mail at my house. But one package caught my eye. I did not recognize the sender address, so I opened the package. And much to my surprise and delight was a letter from IceCreamSoldier and his Daughter.

It is really amazing. Vanessa’s class whom I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing my ride on my way south through California had a class project to take some of the memorable photos (thanks Pablo for wading through the photos to pick good ones), and turn them into artwork.

That are amazing and wonderful. I cherish them already!!

AceRalph and Radioman during my visit at their home.

Lots of them to share…..

Just a few more here…..

The day I bought flowers and attached them to my bike in Honor of my wife Chris who passed away last year It was during the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

Sam in Arizona admiring one of the Peytons that Skip had rebuilt.

Trying to make it out of the “Tucson Triangle”

Radioman doing the Ruta Muerte

In Mexico

Day of the dead

Riding down to the beach in Playa del Carmen

Riding with Animals near the road.

Loading bike onto the Stahlratte, in Panama

With James and Sherri Jo in Medellin eating ice cream

With Young James at El Pinol, Columbia

So another great memory on my Journey in meeting and continuing to communicate with the Mrs. S’s 4th grade class!!

I have a huge smile on my face as I look at the artwork all around me! Thanks so much to all the kids that took the time, effort and talent to share these with me!! You guys Rock!!