Wanted to have a place for the Frequently Asked Questions. You might have them also.

1) How long will the trip take?

Right now I am planning on about 2 years that started in June 2011. But will have to see along the way how the journey develops. Trying to stay open to stopping or staying if an area really strikes me.

2) How in the world can you afford this? are you independently wealthy?

The best way to answer this, is that I have been very fortunate. My parents taught me the value of  working hard, saving money and investing money (including living below your means and living without going into debt) and giving to others. My wife and I both did well in our careers and followed these principals.  After she passed away in January 2011, my heavy responsibilities ended, so I was able to lease out our home, and make the choice to spend the amount of money that it will take to make the journey. I have budgeted $100.00 per day including transport of the bike and repairs. If I manage my money wisely, and do not have too many issues I will make it!

3) Are you traveling alone? and isn’t that lonely?

Yes I am primarily traveling alone on this trip. But will probably ride with others some of the time as the opportunity presents itself. There are benefits of traveling alone in that I can make changes anytime about where, when and how I ride, and it also “forces” me to seek out local interactions. This is a wonderful part of the journey as I get to know others, about their lives, families etc. Of course there an certainly times that I wish that I had others with me to share in the experiences, but right now that is not the way life is.

4) What if you break down along the way?

It is all part of the adventure and journey. Have prepared for all the I can, but if I have mechanical issues then I will take care of them on the road. It will be part of the experience that is before me. Fortunately I have Time. If it takes time to fix, or wait for a part. I will explore where I am.

5) isn’t Mexico Dangerous?

The US news has focused on all the bad stuff in Mexico. With any travel there is some risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I am Ok with this.  I study and prepare for this ride,  the good stories from the road far out weight the bad.  I will do everything possible to stay safe and healthy along the way, but know that life is very short sometimes and it is truly made for living!  On the road I go!