Hit the weather perfect in the PNW.

And as we were touristing around the Seattle Area, I got an email from Frank and Petra whom I met with Young James in Panama and spent New Years together 2011! They were wrapping up there 1 year on the road just returning from Alaska before they fly home to Germany! So great to see them and show them around!

We did a little drive around Seattle…..

Pike Place

What a great week back in PNW.

I am now back in Portland staying with good friends and getting so much done before returning to South America.

Bit of a note: My plans have changed a little bit more, and a close family friend is getting married, and he is like my Son so I will stay in PNW until September 10th or so. This will allow me to enjoy the Great weather, get some work done of my House in PDX and up on Whidbey Island. Will probably just do a weekly Post over the next 7 weeks until I return to Ecuador! Adventure continues…… Just short intermission while everyone in North America enjoy the summer!