*** Something simple you can do for a child with Cancer

**** Break from my ride report***

A good friend messaged my about her granddaughter who is a very young girl with Cancer

She asked me if I could ask my online friends to do a simple thing. Send a postcard to her granddaughter that has cancer.

Pray, send good thoughts and send a postcard from wherever you are with a simple note to encourage her and the family.

My request!!, and I just bought some postcards in Patagonia Chile . Write a simple comment to Reese and draw ADV (oval ) around it or something like RADIOMAN is wishing you well…….

So sad to see young children and there families dealing with Cancer and all the realities of suffering, loss and death.

Lets share some love and encouragement!!

Thanks for your help!! Radioman

Send postcard and words of encouragement to Reese and her family!

Box 356
Wylie, TX 75098

Family Web site


Thanks to anyone who takes a minute to do this!!

I will get mine in the email soon!