Ushuaia. Certainly the End of the road, but the start of a new one!!

USHUAIA. Has been a great experience getting here! It is a huge milestone for me on this journey…. But like life, it keeps on going ahead, and now the excitement on arrival is a good memory!

I now have some extra rest days here in Ushuaia before my ship to Antarctica. Lots of time to walk about this little town and explore.

Walking along the waterfront.

Fresh air, lots of boats to look at it in the harbor….. Will be boarding one soon.

Argentinean Navy boats in the harbor. The Falkland Islands or Las islas Malvinas are not far away, which is still an issue that you here about. The “Malvinas” signs are around as it was disputed territories, and of course a major conflict with Argentina and UK in the 1980’s.

Lots of places pointing out that this is a long way from everything!

Christmas decorations are all around….

Santa cruising through town on the back of a firefighter truck…

HAd some great meals with Dick and Diana and Ken.

Fresh King Crab….

On the night before their departure my Kiwi Friends had a couple gifts for me!!

A slightly used book for my upcoming cruise, and a NZ 20 cent coin. (It occurred to me that they had just given me lot more than the regular .02 Cents worth )

Our Host Javier is awesome!! He cooked us an amazing BBQ as a send off.

Lots of excellent meat grilled to perfection!!

Cheers to an amazing accomplishment and making it safely to Ushaia! And the amazing friends that you meet along the way!

The next morning. Dick and Ken packed up for the last leg back up to Buenos Aires to ship the bikes home. Diana will fly home from here!

Bikes all ready to go…..

Just one last ride over the tricky exit to the B&B (right Ken )

Dick and Diana!! Parting kiss and hug. What great folks they are!!

And they are off….

Few hours later Diana catches the cab to the airport

I spent the last 14 days with Dick, Diana and Ken. What a wonderful time we had after a chance meeting at the hanging Glacier in Chile. What started out as a short ride together, turned it to an amazing time together. Not sure I can really explain what a blessing it was to meet, ride and share this part of my journey with them!! and it will no be the last time I see then either

Like all transitions of parting.I sit in the quiet B&B this am….. Back on my own. Smile on my face at the time spent with amazing people, but also peaceful, that as I continue this trip, there will be more people I meet and share with!