Puyuhuapi, Chile to Esquel Argentina

Finish the top part of the Caraterra and riding back into Argentina.

Started out out a bit cloudy and misty (typical for this area), but soon was blue skies again. !!

Road conditions vary greatly in the whole region. Some freshly graded bit of road, then hard pack, then loose Marbles ….


We had heard from other travelers that there were problems getting fuel in Argentina due to some localized strikes. So we filled up were we could. We stopped at La Junta, Chile and filled our extra tanks !!

Christoph from Germany on his way south.

emailing me his contact info, before riding on!

Had a 13KM stretch where they were working on the road.

Lots of trucks taking up the road.

Local guys cutting timber and dragging them to a common place to cut them up.

Youngest Ollie Getting some more gravel experience. He did really well!

Great ride through the mountains!! Reminds me so much of the PNW…. Love it!

Parts of today were like Jurassic Park.

And we roll on.

We arrived in Futaleutu, and then headed for the Border for Argentina. It was about to get interesting! It is a small border of Rio Grande. Checked out of Chile in 5 minutes then got to the Argentina border just 100meters up the road. Got stamped out + aduana and then they asked for my Passport back……. “problema”

New Law in Argentina started just two days before, I did not know about it . I had to pay a Reciprical tax of $160 which is good for 10 years. But I needed to do it online and could not do it at the border Yikes. Litlle bit of frustration since I was already out of Chile legally…. and was not sure about the whole online process. But they turned me back from the border. So I went back to the Chile side and explained (in my own spanish) that I need to go back to town and get on internet to pay the New Fee.

They were great and just held my Title copy until I returned. Found an Cafe with WIFI and they even had a printer

Found the payment page. The real trick was to know to click the sign in text just below the log in ….

Was able to pay with my visa, then print out the page for the Border Immigration

Finally into Argentina

We stopped at the hotel Sur Sur in Esquel to drop off the fuel pump for Sherri Jo. At least she can now stay in Argentina instead of having to get across to Chile to pick up the pump.

We went to dinner at a great place about 5 blocks away. While waiting for dinner ….. The local magician shows up to entertain us.

Of course he wanted a tip……. Out of our Wallets and into his

Great pasta but we were not sure that we wanted to try the Spinach and Cow brain Pasta

After dinner they had alots of puzzles to try out, with the hopes of winning dinner…. We started in.

Got a few figured out. but still ended up paying our own bill.

Very cool day or riding except the wasted time sorting out the new fee for me at the border.