New Adventure has started!!

Finally getting a chance to update my Ride report!

Chris from the UK sent me this photo of riding in Downtown Buenos Aires for the last time on the way to the Airport and shipping. Was an interesting and slightly emotional ride, as I realized that my ride for most of the past year was ending.

My time at home was very busy but very productive in that I was able to visit Klim HQ, Visit my Step son and his Fiancee in Arizona, and then back to Portland to pack up my gear and head to NZ. All good.

But it has been interesting as I have been in the USA 3 times in the 19 months I have been on this journey (going to and from India and this stop). Since I leased my house out while I am gone. I am “homeless” so it is always a bit strange being home but not home. It is all familiar and with a mix of emotions that I feel sadness of the loss of my previous life, but comforting as I visit friends and share my journey with them.

How does it feel to be in a place that I spend 19 years with my wife, and had a great life, but now it is a place that I do not feel connected to as I pass through? hard to describe completely that is for sure!

But then I said goodbye to my good friends and of to the airport again. Flying Virgin Airlines (insert Jokes here )

Arrived early with my new Klim Moto gear and other motorcycle gear like new Helen two wheel bags as they old ones had holes worn in them, and these new bags load from the top.

Once again changing currency to NZ dollars

Nice Rainbow sending me off.

Had three flights to get to Auckland. Portland to LA, La to Brisbane, Australia, to Auckland. Just over 24 hours of travel time including all layover etc. The 14 hours in the air from LA to Brisbane actually went by fairly quickly.

But was glad to land in New Zealand !!! OK will need to start learning Maori

I arrived at the airport and made it through immigration and customs with a minimum of time. What was great it that Dick Hubbard met me at the airport!! It was great to see a familiar and friendly face in the crowds!. I had such a great time meeting Dick & Diana and Ken while riding in Southern Chile and Argentina !!

And now they have offer up wonderful KIWI hospitality as well! Again. They people I have met and interacted with on my entire ride have been amazing!!

Dick took me over to TNL importers who had picked up my bike at the airport, gotten all the customs work done, inspection etc, and had my bike waiting for me! Dick and Deanne helped hold the bike while I reinstalled the front wheel, battery etc. And then I was ready to go!! Here is a photo of me and Deanne and my bike!! Fantastic experience on shipping of my bike. The costs on arrival to NZ were about $750 KIWI dollars fro Customs, inspection, etc. Will post all the cost points soon. thanks Deanne for all the help!!

as I pulled out of the importer lot, someone was gracious enough to give me the arrows on the road …… Yup driving on the left side now!!

Wahoo! I am here!!

Had a bedroom all set up for me when I arrived, had a great meal roasted Lamb upon arrival! Amazing hospitality and since we had bonded spending two weeks riding in South America, just felt like home!!

Dick and Diana are just lovely people. They have had a cereal company here in NZ that is well know. Looking forward to tasting some of there products!!

Got a great nights rest ….. and woke up to their incredible view overlooking Auckland and the harbor! can it get any better?

Have to go get my bike registered this morning, then to BMW in Auckland for a repair on my rear shock, and service. Then to get a Sim card for my phone since I can speak the language having a phone will be handy here!
Just have enjoyed sitting on the deck in the warm summer morning reflecting about the nature of my Adventure, the new part of my trip here in NZ, and how fortunate I am ! Life is good for sure!! Ready for more adventures!