After arriving in Golden Bay in the north of the south island/, I stayed at a motel. When I talked with my step son in the morning, his comment was that NZ was looking a bit “upscale” from South America Indeed with the english language, beautiful roads, all the facilities it feels a bit more like a “vacation” vs the adventure of South America, but I am loving it and getting into some great areas!!

I have talked alot about how people make the adventure special….. I had a PM from another ADV who lives in NZ (prompted by another ADV Throttlemeister to contact me (Thanks John!! :Thumb) He said, if I ever get to Golden Bay area….. Let him know OK “i’m Here” we traded messages so I called him.

Joe had a few days off and lives in the next town over , so he came to my motel ad gave me a tour of the place! It was fantastic!! The other cool thing is that he met Diana (of Dick and Diana fame) who were on the Heapy Trek (he was working in Conservation but he was riding a small dirt bike out onto the trek, and it sparked a great conversation! during the conversation about Motorbikes and world travel, she mentioned this other American guy “Radioman” was around. Small Small World

Meet Joe as he pulled up on his Honda 600.

We chat a little bit….. and Joe had been in South America with his cousin riding south to north we missed each other, but once again had common people that we had met or know…. Notice the clear blue sky …..

I drop some of my gear off the bike, but keep my hard bags since they have my NZ registration information on them.

Joe takes me out to the beautiful gravel roads to the north west of Collinwood. Then down onto Antori River Beach

As a national symbol for The All Blacks Rugby Team, and NZ it is clear why as The fern leaves are huge!

Thanks Throttlemeister for connecting us !!

Nice ride out through the country

Chasing a few sheep out of the way!

Then down on the Antori River Beach

Joe says, what do you think? Yea lets do it!

Great ride down the beach. Tasman Sea on our right, sand, and dunes and rock faces on our left!

Should we keep going? Yup!!

Got stuck a couple of times, as the bags and gear made me a bit heavy. and I have a tourance tire on!

Stunning views!

We rode through these big rocks…

Unfortunately I got a bot close with my big wide bags, and it knocked me off… The rock is right by where I took the photo. Bags popped off OK, no one is hurt, laugh a bit and get it back upright!

Got stuck one last time on this very steep rocky uphill. Joe and another guy helped get me over the top and into more deep sand on the way out

Joe rolling up off the beach!!

Then we rode up the road a short ways to the fresh water river, to wash the bikes !

Then blasting back into town to pick up my gear and ride to his hometown of Takaka

Lots of signs to warn cage drivers of Motorbikers! Campaign country wide to help reduce accidents!

The ferns are really big. Just so you can get a better idea!

Filled up with Petro, bought some food, and beverages. Joe had arranged to stay at a place in Abel Tasman park down on the beach at Totaranui.

Had to watch out for penguins

Beautiful ride along the water, then up the mountain and down into the Abel National Park

Arriving at the beach!! Amazing!! Golden color sand!

Joe cooked up a great steak, we had great conversations with some of the staff that runs the campground and area!! Such a great way to spend the day Thanks Joe!!