Awoke to the wonderful sounds of crashing waves on the beach just outside my room. Enjoyed a cup of coffee on the deck taking in the sunrise!

Once I was packed up again, I rode out to Hokitika Gorge to take a little look. The water has amazing color from the glaciers.

Just a short walk through the forest…

As I rode through the coastal road, then it turned inland with great twisties undulating and winding through the hills toward to towns of Franz Joseph, and Fox Glacier.

25 years ago, I hitchhiked and backpacked through NZ, and I remember taking a Heli flight on the Glacier here……. So as I rode through I decided to repeat this adventure! The sun was out…. Why not!!

Here comes our ride! just outside Fox Glacier

The pilot giving us the flight plan

We load up, and then are off to see both the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers, as well as Mt Cook the highest mountain in NZ

All geared up.

we flew right up the fox glacier

Amazing look at the glaciers

soaring up above the mountains

Note the red hut on the mountain.

Wahoooo. Standing on the Franz Joseph Glacier. What a view!

The photos do not give the scale of how big this is. But it was awesome!

Then Mt Cook. Note the “cloud” on the rock face. It was actually a large rock slide.

As we flew back down the mountains you can see the path of the glacier out to the sea.

All done. It was an awesome way to see the area!!