Living the dream

LIVING THE DREAM. How does one go about describing oppprtunies that have come up for me on this ride around the world. Yesterday was one of those amazing days. connected to an amazing man who took me on his personal Helicopter tour of Sydney in his private Helicopter. Just simply amazing…..

But first I stopped at AdventureMoto in a Sydney Suburb to pick up a vented tube for my Rotopax. Met Steve Smith the owner and a great guy!!

Loved that my item was ready for me!

He gave me a tour of his shop and the F800 he is building. Like being a Kid in the Candy store!

And a free t-shirt !!

It was designed by Simon Thomas!

Yup. Ride, Explore, Discover

Once again meeting some great people that also have passion for Motorcycles and life!

Not sure how to really explain the next part of my day. Lee invited me up to his place to a morning “tea” with him and his lovely wife Mary. We talked about the trip, Australia, looked at maps of special areas in Australia! Great conversation! This again is the best part of my Adventure is meeting new, interesting people! Thanks Lee and Mary for generously sharing this time.

But it gets more amazing as the morning unfolded. Lee has a very cool Bimoto Tesa 3D…. So we headed out to take a look!

WOW work of art. He offer for me to Ride it…. but I was not willing to take the risk

The front end is amazing. No direct forks, but it swivels on the center joint. Crazy design!

Then Lee offers to take me on a Helicopter flight over Sydney Really ?

It is almost without words that I can express the delight in this unique opportunity with a really great guy!

So he rolls out his personal Helo. It is a Eurocopter Ecureuil (Squirrel). Very very cool!

He calls it Adventure Helicoptering

OK. LIVING THE DREAM is firmly planted in my head. WOW

Took lots of photos….. But too many to share.

Heading for Sydney harbour for an amazing view!

Just over the Harbour Bridge, the the Opera house !


Following this amazing Harbour out to the Heads and the exit to the Ocean!

Flying along the coast … There’s Bondi Beach

More coastline…. I am just enjoying every moment of the flight!!

Ahhh. Look at this road…. Looks like I need to take a ride here!

Then further south.

Amazing Beaches!

Lee tells me we will be landing at his property as he is a “Pitt Street Farmer”.

Some of his beach named after his daughter!

We land have lunch in town, as he shares the love of the area that he and his family have enjoyed! Beautiful!

He has a sick cow named Lucky, that we go check on. Of course I fell like I am truly the Lucky one today!!

Then we head back to his house near Sydney!

Catching some great bush area and sights along the way!

Landing perfectly on his helipad

Amazing day!! Thanks so Much Lee!

Humbled by the generosity of this very Kind man. he shared his world, his life experiences and views, and his passion for his Helicopter flying. I am so grateful for this connection and time spent with Lee!

Then back on the bike to ride through Sydney to my Friend Craigs 50th Birthday party. It was near their home, and it was great to meet some of his friends and be able to celebrate the big event!! Somehow I did not take photos!