2 YEARS of this Adventure!

Big Day today!! 2 years ago I started this Ride Around the world.

Started with a ride with Camogreg out to the Oregon Coast to the most westernly point in the continental US. He was starting a trip across country and I was starting around the world!

When I decided to do this trip, I really did not know how long it would last, or where it would actually take me. Even though I had a rough “route” in mind, I always knew it would evolve and I was flexible about how I would change during the trip. There have been a couple times I thought I was about done, ready to get back “home” and start over. But I got “second winds” as it were and so I am still here traveling.

I started with some stats…..

106,000 KM’s (65,000 Miles) riding miles, 1 engine replacement (not my fault) . 10 rear tires, 5 front tires, one rebuilt rear shock, repaired front fork tube, 20 countries, most westernly point in continental US, most easternly point in Canada and US, Most southern point in US, 37 US states, 4 Canadian Provinces, Central America, South America, Galpagos Islands, Antarctic, India, New Zealand, and now Australia, 13 plane flights, 4 boat trips, Rode to the highest motorable road in the world, rode to the Fin del Mundo, met thousand of fellow travelers, riders, locals and people on my journey!! 730 days not in my own bed, amazing foods, people and languages and cultural experiences.

A lifetime of experiences I am very grateful to have had.

I cannot thank all of you that have encouraged me, have ridden or wanted to ride with me, hosted and generously shared your homes, meals, advise and routes, and time to make my trip so wonderful.

Has been wonderful to share my experiences and ride with so many people. Just a few that have touched my heart.

Mrs Schraders 3rd grade class (thanks Pablo!)

A chance to share with Kids and Adults alike

Crazy gifts with my screename on them.

Birthday wishes and encouragement as I travel solo it keeps my spirits up and sense of loneliness at bay.

Know some of you are checking in on Radioman Time and that is great!

Deserves a jump don’t you think?

Thanks for coming along for the 730 days of my journey. It is not over yet, lots left to see and do here in Australia before moving onto South Africa!