Really have enjoyed a couple days relaxing and exploring Melbourne. Usually I love just getting into the heart of a city and walking about. It has been a Rainy couple days so I just took it a bit easier, catching up in my RR, some future logistics and basic record keeping stuff.

Saturday Night I had dinner with a nice young woman I met at the Hotel. We met in China Town, had Dinner, then a gelato, and a drink while chatting about life! Really enjoy the evening!!

Typical Hotel Pub that you find everywhere.

Melbourne has a vibe to it. Music, Graffiti, Art, Food and hipness.

Getting around is easy with the tram, buses, trains.

Lots of shops with cool window displays. Remember these from the 60’s….

Sunday Am had some breaks in the rain.

Then off to meet up with Steve, his wife Liz and daughter Bronwyn. They are originally from South Africa, so it was great to spend the day/evening together!

Steve warned me that lots of Kangaroos… Came around a corner and there was afield full of them! The took off as I stopped to try to get a photo, but had a couple dozen all standing and looking at me! Before they headed off.

Then down the dirt drive to meet up at their home!

They have a great motorcycle history including some wonderful bikes in there family room!



We had a lovely Dinner and Bronwyn baked a cake to celebrate my 2nd year Anniversary on the road How thoughtful!!

Once again the connection through ADV has been amazing. They ride as a family and are looking at a RTW ride together someday! Very cool!