Great Ocean Road

I left me new friends Steve and Helen, and rode toward the Great Ocean Road.

One of the great roads in the world. Build in 1918-1924 by returning soldiers from WWI.

After Geelong, you reach Torquay, and head long the ocean. I do not stop much as I am enjoying the views, twisty roads, awaiting the solitude past the heavily populated areas.

Enjoying the views. Lightly cloudy road. Of course it is getting on Winter in Australia and the temps are in the low 50’s (10 C)

And the lighthouse Split Point

The blue water, surfers and white sand beaches are all very enticing!

I enter into the Memorial Arches …..

and make my way to Apollo Bay. Get some fuel and carry on riding. The road opens up…. and I crank on the throttle 🙂


The views back along the road are really great. But I know more is yet to come!

Just rolling along the Ocean. Always feels good.

Apollo Bay. Just needed some fuel. Petrol prices are not like the US. Those complaining about the US need to look around a bit more!

Then through the Otway Forest.

Of course I need to watch for wildlife.

And stay on the left side…..

Must be lots of tourists about!!

The I arrive back to the coast and some of the most amazing parts of the Great Ocean Road. Gibsons Steps. was told to stop…. and glad I did. Helped a few other tourists to find the place.

Took a few tries with another tourist …. But got one.

Absolutely stunning as I see the rocks formations from the beach!

Had to come down the stairs to the beach!


Then the main lookout for the Twelve Apostles

Originally called “Sow and Piglets” but in the 20’s they renamed to be and bit more dignified.

As the waves pound the coastline they create these Apostles.

Seems like Australia is the land of warning you of all the dangers or speed, cliffs, unstable land, animals….. Hope I make it!

Truly spectacular.

It’s winter in Australia, and the sun goes down at 5:15 PM. So I end up in Port Campbell for the night. With the generosity of so many others, I am still holding to my budget of $100/ Day. Australia has gotten very expensive. Average meal for dinner is around $25 USD Min. Beer at pub is $8.00 USD. Food has been great! This is FYI

Had a great day riding this iconic road!