Adelaide to Finders

Decided to ride up to see the Finders Range north of Adelaide. Trev had gotten me a map, and set up a good route that I would see some of the best sights on route to Blinman. Was up early and riding by about 7AM. Was a bit cloudy and misty, but hoping it would clear as I got northward.

Bit of a rainy ride through the Clare Valley area.

Spots of clearing…. Then more rain.

As I rolled near Hawker, a Road train had blown through a “T” intersection and ended up in the bush. Yikes

Stopped at the sightseer cafe in Hawkers for a “flat white” coffee and some “brekkie”. Before I left couple of riders showed up. They had been riding up north and had really rough muddy dirt tracks. They were heading back to Sydney but told me I would probably see their mate Jeff in Blinman.

Then onward toward Blinman. With all the rain they have had, some of the roads I was going to ride were closed. So I had to stay on the “Bitumen” (asphalt in American English).

Did take a look on a couple of routes, but not far and it turned to muddy clay

Must not be good with the rain…

Still great to get a little look at the area.

And enjoy the wildlife including the Emu’s

Rain continues and road is slippery….

This section was not bad, but the rain continued, so I continued back to Blinman to find a place to stay.

Thanks Trev for the routing….. rain just prevented me from fully seeing all of this area.

You can see that this area gets lots of rain. Many flood areas.

2 Meter markers. Yikes…

Arrived at Blinman and stayed at the Pub. Indeed Jeff riding his 1200GS was there as well. Had a chat in the Pub and a good meal at the Hotel.