In the morning, it looked like it was clearing a bit, but I had decided to start the trek to Sydney and then ride north to warmer weather!

Jeff and I met out front to a photo!

Jeff and his recently acquired Eagle claw.

He wanted to make sure that I said that he tore it off with his teeth

In Blinman they do not have enough Kangaroo’s and Emu’s so they make them out of corrugated steel.

Had a quick look here… weather did not allow too much exploring …. but I can see it is a stunning area.

As I headed back through the park, had a little blue sky….

But the clouds were around. Seeing some rainbows.

Then I continue across some outback on Pavement.

Lots of trucks making their way cross the country to deliver their goods.

Even in the outback they have limits

I get to meet two of “Australia’s Finest” in SA.

As the one officer took down my license and reg info…. I said “can we make this one a warning?” ……… Smile The officer writing the ticket says, “I think we can”. It’s good for International relationships The other officer says “you are really lucky!”

And the other officers says, the ticket was $700 AUSD…. “That’s alot of petrol”

Yes… Thanks!! Warning accepted !

I continue onto NSW, Smiling and cheering in my helmet.

Just about to Broken Hill.

All the side roads have had lots of water. Looks very slippery.

Lots of 4WD towing trailers…

OK.Sticking to the speed limit.

Having a great time riding the some of the expanse of the Australian Outback.

People ask me if I get tired of riding. The simple answer is No. I loved getting on my moto everyday that I ride. (but it is also good to have days off the bike to explore and sightsee). Lots of helmet time to reflect and think about life!