Across a part of the Outback, lots of KM’s of pavement across the scrub.

Lots of muddy 4WD’s

Typical 4WD Ute’s for sale at a lot.

and puddles of water along the roads

In Walcannia, I stopped for Petrol and met Richard, Ken and Glen all on Big Adventure bikes (F800GS, KTM 990, Tenere 660). They were “local” guys and had chosen to ride the Tarmac due to all the wet and closed roads. I rode a few hundred KM’s with them, stopped in Cobar and my rear tire was looking done.

Richard called Dubbo moto store to see if they had a 17″ tire… Nope, but he pointed me to the Yamaha Dealer in Cobar, just around the corner from Petrol. They had some. So I stopped and they rode on.

Here is there card 🙂

They had a Kenda Big Block tire. I pulled my bike over the the shop door, pulled my rear rim, did a rear break job while they mounted the tire. Back on the road in about 25 Minutes!

New tire mounted and ready to ride.

As I rode into Narromine, Ken was just getting on his way toward Dubbo. I followed him to his town, and he pointed me to a motel and local pub.

It was my longest riding day to date in OZ, which was about 450 miles.

At the pub had a huge meal…. Yikes. Fries and Mashed, Meat, Shrimp, Veg