Well back in Sydney for a little bit as I regroup, get some work done on my bike. More on this in a bit.

Spent the weekend with my friends, did a 7KM walk around the bay near their home. Lots of people out and about. Some artwork to grace the pathways.

Beautiful day walking and enjoying the sights.

The young kids where out playing rugby at the local fields. I remember those years well. Of course I did play rugby as I had probably not even heard of it

The Wine I ordered back in Barossa arrived, and we had to try it out right away. The other bottle they will let age for the next time we meet up!

Cleaned and waterproofed my boots (also waterproofed my bike cover)

I also headed to a couple MotoShops to see about some replacement brake pads, possibly a rear rotor. YIKES Prices for OEM parts in Australia are really steep. Almost 2 X prices in USA. But I also realized that once again the bearing on my rear hub are a problem. It is a RAD hub, and I am not sure what is happening as I only have 7,000 miles on the new bearings. There was an issue with fit….. So I will try to get this worked out.

Funny how you travel the world and get to see a different perspective on life. Australia is certainly an expensive place to live and ride. But if you live here, you either work around it and order products from the USA online (which many people do) or pay the prices. It is just interesting as we complain in the US that prices are high for Dealer parts we have no idea

Got into Sydney CBD yesterday to replace a headlamp and pick up a couple items. Also had a walk around the city. Including the Big Mac store.

and met a nice young woman at the coffee shop from Hong Kong