Well. The Weather outside is a bit rainy…….. So I am catching up on Video editing, some logistics, and a couple other things that I will have to talk about later.

Not hard to spend a little “down” time. Catch up with new friends, Makenna and Hamish for Sunday Brunch. And another friend for a quick bite to eat and interesting conversations.

Once again the generosity and friendship of the ADV community!

So have met up and am staying with (SYDADVGS) Russell and Nyree. Really great ADv riders that were in South America while I was there, just never crossed paths. So I have had to come to Australia to see them

Had a great dinner with friends Paul and Lisa!

I colorful meal, and very very tasty

Still in Sydney. It is a rainy week here…. Working out some details and getting ready for the next steps. Took a walk about the Breakfast point area, along the Parramatta River. Lots of boats throughout the harbor.

You can see the city in the distance.

Many homes and Condos and Apartments in this area that once was a gas works. Still a few building that are part of the gasworks. Deemed “historic for their construction …. Interesting seeing the old and run down next to the new and shiny!

Building awaiting rebuilding ….. Sitting idle with the elements taking a toll on them.

Off to Sightsee again in the city, then headed to the blue mountains tomorrow as the weather will be clearing a bit!