So I have ended up staying a bit longer than expected in Sydney as I work out logistics about getting a new Hub replacement from Woody’s Wheelworks in Colorado. Chris has been great to help me out and get a new one shipped out which will save me money.

So time to take a few walks around the place.

And then a ferry Ride into Sydney CBD

Ah. It has been raining hard for the past 4-5 days, so it is noce to have a bit of sunshine.

And a last photo of the Sydney Monorail that is on it’s last days. They are shutting it down, as it just does a loop around town and not doing much to move people like mass transit.

Loving a little Blue sky!

Then a visit to the Maritime Museum.

Some interesting history …including this homebuilt fastest boat in the world at over 300MPH

Then a ride out to the Blue Mountains. With all the rain the rivers are full full. WOW.

I arrived in Katoomba and stayed at a backpackers.

On the way into town, a white van pulls over and waves at me to stop….

So then Paul says. Hey I have a F800GS as well. “where you going?” stop by my house for a coffee. Also have an extra bed if you want…. But I had already arranged the Backpackers… so I stopped over to Pauls house for a coffee and a chat!

A few photos of course!

Paul is from France but has lived here many years. He restores older Citron’s …. And has a rather unique Motorbike built in France.

As a matter of fact, a good article just came out in Old Bike Magazine Australia

Then I went back to town to grab a bit to eat. Had a great wood oven pizza in town. Yummy. Best pizza I have had in a long time!

The Backpackers has a good common area. Hung out with some of the young travelers and chatted. Ended up showing a few moto Videos from South America, India and having a great time encouraging these young people to live life to the fullest!

I even made one of my stickers quotes on the blackboard of wisdom!!

So as I have stalled around in Sydney, it is interesting to note a few thoughts.

Long term travel is great, I am loving my adventure but some days you want to get “settle” down and relax a bit. During this chapter I have had the normal ups and down that anyone has on a solo journey. I have talked about them off and on, since they are part of the trip. I know this adventure is a unique opportunity for which I am very grateful.

But I am a planner and think about the future. Not in a anxious or worrisome way but in that I hope to have another chapter after this. At some stage I will need to go back to work to be able to pay my bill.

That said. While in Sydney my Friends wife is a recruiter, and a job came up….. she says “you would be perfect for this” She prints out the description of the job that has to do with Early onset Alzheimer’s Disease here in Australia. I read it. Wow. Interesting. Seems to be a really good fit with my experiences and skills. Am I interested ? Let me sleep on it.
Next day. Interesting …. Lets talk more about the possibility of a job … OK I will apply. They are interested. OK. At least let me talk with them to see if it is actually a good fit. I know. (don’t panic, the adventure is still on ). Just need to share the story.

Was a bit of a scramble as the decision maker is leaving on holiday, and so is my friend the recruiter… They thought I might have an interview last Monday or Tuesday But it did not happen. OK. Then they call and say they are looking for some other qualifications. OK cool…. Back to my adventure. Was fun to consider a couple year break while staying in Sydney, but I was torn with the adventure at hand. But one must consider new opportunities when they are available.

I get settled, that I am on my way again. All Good!

Then I get a text from a woman that I met and had a great conversation about Alzheimer’s and related issues, and she is related to one of the decision makers about the job. She told me she just called and told them they had to “had” to interview me Funny how things work. So who knows.

I start riding north starting Saturday morning with SYDADVGS and some other riders. and will get my new rear wheel sorted out and installed in Brisbane.