At the youth Hostel, had a great evening sharing some travel videos and stories. The other travelers were interested…

In the morning had to get a couple of pictures. So they could send an email home and tell there family that they bought a bike and were now traveling by motorbike

Eva Was nice meeting you. Good luck on your travels.

Then rode back down Bells Line Road. Had a few interesting views of the Blue Mountains but the clouds and mist were thick.

explored a couple roads off of Bells line looking for a better view.…IMG_3666-M.jpg

And a few other stops to joy the ride back.

Loved the road signs…

Then back to Sydney on the Friday afternoon to stay at Russells and Nyree’s home. Was a bit grey and rainy. Decided to take the ferry back into the city to meet up with a young traveler I met ion the great Ocean road.

Sydney Harbour is really beautiful place to walk around!

Met up with Rachel and had drinks down at The Rocks. Was a stormy night but the harbour was very cool.

Next morning, We rode out of Sydney in the rain to meet up with some other riders for an overnight in Mudgee (NW of town).

We stopped in a small town for lunch before heading on. Liked the sign they had.

We carried onto Mudgee. It was different riding with a small group of riders, as I have not done this in a very long time. They were a “spirited” group of riders I will say. But I stayed calm. Like a turtle. Slow and steady wins the race

Russell kept saying it was going to get nicer…. and it did

We had a great meal that night. Might have scared the table next to us with the topics of conversation

Thanks Russell and Nyree for your great hospitality. Had a great time!!

to Mark and Liz, Richico, and Karen. Was great meeting you and sharing a short ride! Cheers !