Sunday I was able to book myself on a 2 day 1 night barrier reef diving trip.

I did one in Cairns over 25 years ago, and was looking forward to doing it again. But I have not dived for over 20 years, so I had a little trepidation about my PADi certification, and lack of diving.

But they said I could get this sorted out, either with a search of PAdI cert and or signing my life away stating that I had my certification.

So off I go. They pick me up at 7:45 Monday am. More than just another day at the office I would say!

First we board the Sea Quest to get out to the reef and then transfer to the Taka for the overnight.

They had a little engine issue, but got it sorted out and soon we were on our way to the reef.

The weather was a bit rainy and the seas rough. A few people were sea sick on the way out. I had been chewing Candied Ginger and felt good!

We did a little gathering and review for the divers with certifications. I talked with the guys on the boat, and they gave me encouragement that on the first dive we would be with a guide and all would be well. So in we went!

As we started out first decent down to the reef, I had a few moments of “panic” as one ear would not clear, but our dive leader was great….. Motioned for me to stay calm, and got it sorted out. But had lots of thoughts flying through my head….. Like what was I thinking …. Yikes. But I stayed calm, and down we got to the reef…. Some nice fish and coral .

Here I am…

The boats photographer was nearby….

Sea Cucumber

The trip included 7 dives total. and the second dive went well for me! Slowed down a bit and started to really enjoy the time underwater!

Got some good video and photos

After we switched to the overnight boat, we had another dive and one planned for the night. Supposed to see lots of fish and sharks! I was really tired so I actually skipped one dive as I needed to rest. But I was encouraged as a few other people also skipped and were asleep on the couches. It is really hard the first day.

Did the night dive, and had video but did not bother with photos as It was pitch black except where your light is. But oof the back of the boat, the fish come up to the lights. Did see reef sharks and lots of big fish about!

The next morning the weather was bester, and the sun came out making the last three dives really great!!

Lots to see and enjoy.

Small ship wreck

Since I bought my photos …. the photographer on the ship included some of his photos …. With an expensive camera and flash, he has amazing photos! I will share them as he said it was ok to do so.

Before each of our dives, we had a briefing and got the rundown of the reef. Since I was not really comfortable, and wanted to enjoy the experience, I took the guides tour each time.

Was really nice to have the sun out. Enjoyed all the people I met on the ship and the time we spent together.

What a great experience! I was done with my 6 dives and celebrated on top deck in the sun!

On the way back to Cairns we say Humpback whales Breeching!

It was an amazing experience to be diving the Barrier Reef!!

So glad I spent the extra money to do it!

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And a quick video…..